Don’t forget your Muslim staff – it’s almost Eid!

23 06 2013

arabiannights13LWith the big focus always on Christmas and arranging Christmas gifts for staff, many companies can easily forget that other faiths have important holidays at that time of year too.

Eid Al-Adha or Eid Ul Adha, is an important Eid feast, which falls before Christmas on October 15th this year. Rather than send a potentially inappropriate Christmas hamper, why not send an Eid hamper? Bear in mind that sending a vegetarian hamper without a bottle of alcohol isn’t always ‘safe’ enough. Many traditional hamper products may have small amount of alcohol in their ingredients (think of rum truffles, or brandy in a Christmas pudding or even certain additives), which are not acceptable to observant Muslims. Our Eid gift hampers are vegetarian, strictly non-alcoholic and Haram additives free, yet contain wonderful traditional foods such as Mithai (Indian / Pakistani sweets) stuffed dates, Maamul and hand made Baklawa, that will delight any Muslim at Eid.

Even closer now is Eid Al-Fitr or Eid Ul Fitr which falls on the 8th August this year. This is an important celebration for Muslims that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, so a varied inspiring selection of Halal gift basket & hamper collection has been created for the celebrations and any other festive occasions throughout the year.

Ripe Gifts, UK’s premier vegetarian gift basket company, is also happy to create customised hampers to meet Islamic dietary requirements for corporates as well as for individuals, so just call on 01628 785354 to discuss.


Mishloach Manot Delivery from only £29

27 02 2011

Mishloach Manot UKWe’re delighted to announce that this year our smallest ‘Taste of Purim’ mishloach manot has returned to 2007 prices (albeit a slightly different configuration) – of only £29 including delivery.

With hamantashen, chocolates, sweets and Purim party poppers, it makes a lovely and inexpensive shalach manot.

Delivery is free to mainland UK addresses (excluding the Scottish Highlands) and all items are certified kosher.

Don’t forget, if this is not quite what you’re looking for, we have more Purim baskets for you to choose from and we also offer a bespoke service at no extra charge – just contact us with your requirements or budget and we’ll create your perfect Purim mishloach manot!

Mishloach Manot for Purim

25 02 2011

Purim basket for delivery to London, England

If you want to send mishloach manot to Jewish friends or family in the UK, our collection of beautiful Purim baskets for mishloach manot has a great choice of styles and price ranges for you to choose from.

And if you can’t see the perfect Purim basket in our collection, or if you just prefer to add that ‘personal touch’ to your baskets, you can try our bespoke service. Just tell us your budget, or what you’d like in your basket, and we will create it for you!

We deliver mishloach manot to London, Manchester, Leeds and most addresses in England, Wales and Scotland FREE of charge. We can also arrange mishloach manot delivery to addresses throughout Europe.

Browse our Purim baskets or contact us with your requirements and we’ll be delighted to create your beautiful mishloach manot for you.

Happy Purim!

Rakhi Gifts for Brothers & Sisters

6 07 2010

Rakhi Gift Thread with Mithai, FREE UK deliveryRaksha Bandhan is a Hindu celebration of the bond between brother & sister. This year’s Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, will be celebrated on August 24th. Traditionally, sisters tie a coloured thread on their brother’s wrists and brothers give their sisters a gift in return.

To celebrate this tradition, we have created Rakhi gifts for both brothers and sisters. Both are only £32, including delivery to mainland UK addresses.

Rakhi Gift for Sisters with Mithai, Free UK DeliveryOur “Dear Brother” Rakhi Gift features a gift-boxed decorative Rakhi thread, an assortment of delicious freshly-made mithai and a beautiful Rakhi card. Our “Sweet Sister” Rakhi Gift features an adorable little bag with traditional mithai, beautifully crafted marzipan fruits and quality Rakhi Card nestling between sheets of lavender tissue paper.

Since our mithai is freshly made-to-order, we recommend that you place your orders by Friday, August 20th to ensure availability. Happy Rakhi!

Send Rakhi gifts to the UKOrder mithai onlineMithai delivery uk

Good Health in a Basket this Fathers’ Day

11 06 2010

Fathers Day Gift Baskets & HampersWe all wish our parents good health and happiness, and Fathers’ Day is a great opportunity to give a gift that represents exactly that. Our healthy, vegetarian Fathers Day gift baskets & hampers are packed full of yummies that are as tasty as they are nutritious. From dried fruits and delicious nutty nibbles to organic fruit juices and low fat seaweed snacks. There are also plenty of little indulgences to treat Dad to also, like our delicious fruit cakes, chocolate-coated brazils and award-winning organic Boojs Booja truffles.

Whether you are looking for a gluten-free Fathers’ Day basket, vegetarian, vegan, kosher or halal Fathers Day gift, we have something to delight any Dad.

Wishing you and your parents the very best of health and happiness this Fathers’ Day!

New Halal Gift Basket Range – Not Just For Eid!

14 04 2010

Halal gift basket by Ripe Gifts, UKCompany Press Release

Ripe Gifts (, the UK’s vegetarian hamper specialists, have announced the launch of their new Halal gift basket & hamper range. The range has been specially designed for observant Muslims, ensuring that all products are free from forbidden (haram) additives or alcohol.

While the company had previously created Halal hampers just for Eid, the expanded range includes Halal gifts for any occasion, including birthdays, romantic occasions, Aqiqah and Iftar. The company also offers a bespoke gift service, allowing customers to create their own Halal gift basket according to their own taste and budget.

As Ripe Gifts’ MD, Eddy Harding, explained, “We realised that it’s quite difficult to find gift baskets online in the UK that meet strict Halal requirements. Even products that are labelled vegetarian or vegan often contain haram additives or alcohol. We wanted to create a range of gifts that would both meet Halal requirements, and deliver the great taste and presentation that we have become known for. We believe that we have done this with our new Halal gift range. Better still, in the process we have discovered some wonderful delicacies from around the Muslim world, which we are proud to now offer in our wider gift range too”.

Amongst the company’s new Halal food discoveries are superb Lebanese-style baklawa, date-filled ma’amoul from Saudi Arabia, organic Tunisian dates, Halal-certified honey nougat, authentic Turkish Delight and Turkish halwa with pistachios. The company’s Ramadan Iftari hamper will also feature traditional miswak sticks, whilst for Eid the company will offer hampers with freshly made-to-order mithai.

Harding adds, “This new range will offer greater choice to Muslims looking to send halal gifts to friends and family in the UK. We also hope companies wanting to give appropriate gifts to their Muslim staff and clients will now find it much easier to do so.”

The company’s halal range is available at the following address:

All the hamper prices include free next day delivery across the UK mainland.

Our gluten-free gift collection grows!

3 04 2010

We are pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our gluten-free gift basket & hamper collection. You can now order gluten-free versions of some of our most popular gift baskets and hampers, perfect for coeliacs or those with gluten intolerances. Enjoy!